Become an Outcoder as a Senior Java Spring Boot

We are looking for a Senior Java Spring Boot. As a crucial bridge between our technological capabilities and business goals, you will play an essential role in supporting and leading the successful completion of analytical tasks, construction, testing, and deployment of our software product features. Your expertise will not only drive the development process but also ensure that our solutions meet high-quality standards and align with our business objectives.

What you’ll need to be successful:

    • Experience with object oriented programming in Java
    • Experience designing model-view-controller (MVC) applications, Spring MVC preferred
    • Experience designing web applications and GUIs with HTML and CSS, template engines such as Thymeleaf preferred
    • Basic knowledge of optics or electronics is a plus

    Technical Expectations

    • The application should be coded primarily using Java and the Spring Framework, using the Thymeleaf template engine to define the front-end. It should follow a model-view-controller design pattern, and should be designed with future extensibility in mind, both in regards to new application features and changes to the structure of the underlying data

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